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Getting The Right Golf Shoes

Golf is no exception when it comes to advances in technology. New clubs are developed and created every day to make sure that golfers will experience higher playing performance. And new golf shoes are made to aid players get their swings better and their feet less sore after walking a couple of miles around golf courses.

Surely, you might already have researched about how to get the best club for your game. So this time, you will know how to get the best shoes for your feet. Fortunately, choosing the right golf shoes is not that hard.

Just follow the simple tips below, and surely, you will get the best fit for your feet.

Choose leather over synthetic leather golf shoes. When choosing golfing shoes, choose the best you can afford. If you are eyeing golfing shoes made with synthetic leather, do not. They offer little to no water protection, wear off easily, and provide less comfort. Thankfully, golf does not require you to run or jump, so choosing leather shoes will be a good investment since they will last for almost a lifetime.

Golf ShoesYour golfing shoes must be a bit tighter than your regular shoes, but they must be a bit loose for your feet and toes to be able to move around inside them. Footing affects your swing. If you wear shoes that are as loose as your sneakers, you will only lessen the traction of your feet on the ground. And that means that you cannot maximize the power that you can place on your swings.

Choose the right style of golf shoes. On this part, it is mainly up to your preferences. Some of the popular shoe styles that are available on the market today are classic, street, sandals, and ladies. Even though they mainly differ on appearance, each type provides some advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are going to play on a hot summer day, it is recommendable that you wear golf sandals.

Choose the type of spikes depending on the golf course you are playing at. Most golf courses prohibit their players to wear shoes with metal spikes. Because of that, if you are a casual player, it is best for you to buy a pair of shoes that have plastic spikes. If you are prefer playing with metal spikes instead, choose a pair of golf shoes that has replaceable spikes or cleats.

Golf clubsTrust branded shoes. Yes, they are more expensive, but you can rely on them. After all, golf is an expensive sport. If you are planning to join in competitions, never settle for less. When it comes to brands, you can choose Nike, Adidas, Foot joy, Echo, or Callaway.

Set a price range. The price range of typical golfing shoes goes around $75 to $150. When it comes to durability, the more expensive the shoes are, the more durable they are. The price and durability depends on the material used in the shoes. The best material for golfing shoes is leather. It is lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, but expensive.

GolfIn case you are not willing to spend a lot on leather, you can settle for synthetic leather shoes. Those shoes are almost the same with leather, but it is less durable. On the other hand, if you are not fond of leather but still want the benefits it provide, you can choose shoes made with Gore-Tex. And if you are in a tight budget, you can buy ones that are made with polyester.

And there you have it. By the way, it is preferable to buy in brick and mortar stores than to buy online since you will need to check if the shoes you will get will fit you.

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