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Selecting your Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is one who speaks in front of an audience in hopes of motivating and inspiring them. He is also known as an inspirational speaker and he attempts to get a positive and active response from the audience. An inspirational speaker gives pep talks that are usually in the form of commencement exercises speeches, keynote speeches, and life-coaching sessions.

However, finding the ideal motivational speaker for your talk is not as simple as it may seem. There are a few points you have to consider when choosing one for your next seminar. Here are some of the things you have to take into account:

1.The speaker should be relatable:

Find someone who can relate to your field. If it’s a teaching conference, more likely than not, you would need a teacher as well. You would want an individual who has enough experience to share to the audience. An inspirational speaker with awards, recognitions and designations would ask for a higher fee though.

2.The speaker should be credible:

Our site, motivational-speaker-success.com, recommends testing the credibility of a speaker by looking at the testimonials of his past clients. Try to contact past clients and see how they respond to your questions with regard to your prospective speaker.

A credible speaker would most likely also have a website. He or she should be very visible on the internet as this is a good way of advertising his services. A website should contain all the important information about such speaker and should also include videos of his past speaking engagements as a sample to future clients.

3.The speaker should be agreeable:

It could be said that a speaker is agreeable when he has a pleasant disposition in booking him. An inspirational speaker should not make the booking process hard for the client.
We, at motivational-speaker-success.com, also highly recommend that you consider the following during the selection process:

1.Determine the audience’s needs:

Motivational SpeakerLike the tip aforementioned, the needs of the audience should be put first. What type of message or information do the audience need? Are they graduating students that need inspiration and motivation to fuel them up as they go out to the real world? Or are your audience engineers or scientists who need technical information with regard to certain topics related to their field? Also take into consideration the age bracket of the audience. Are they students, young professionals or senior citizens?

2.Determine the time, date and budget for the event:

Here at motivational-speaker-success.com, we give you the freedom to set the time and date of the event first. After determining this, you can choose an available speaker on such time and date. Try to book the speaker at the earliest time possible as most of our speakers have lots of speaking engagements booked a year advance.

The budget is also integral as this will dictate the venue, food and even the speaker of the event.
3.Locate your resources:

Knowing the right people will greatly help in finding the right speaker. Personal referrals will greatly help in narrowing the choices for a speaker. Also try to contact your local speaker organization or commerce as most would have a directory of speakers for a particular field.

4.Review your options:

Narrow down your list to at least three candidates. Try to interview each and lay out the whole program. A good motivational speaker would be very helpful in this process. He will try to ask questions about the actual event, the audience and the theme of the speaking engagement.

Apart from this, try to ask the basics during a ‘job interview’. Ask for the credentials of the speaker, the companies he has spoken for before and for other pertinent information. This will also greatly help in introducing the speaker to the audience during the actual talk.

5.Select your speaker:

After selecting a speaker, draft the letter of agreement or contract and have him sign it. Such contract should contain the following: (1) fees and payment terms, (2) travel arrangements and transportation, (3) accommodations and meals, (4) cancellation policies, (5) audio/visual requirements and (6) other legal implications.

6.Work with your speaker:

The work does not end upon booking the speaker. You need to work with him. Provide him with all the pertinent information with regard to the event. Give him the actual program brochure of the event. Also give the speaker a short run-down of what your company, organization or group is all about. This will help him tailor his message to suit the needs of your audience. Furthermore, also inform the speaker of the demographics of the audience.

7.Set the stage:

On the day of the actual event, set the stage for your speaker. Set the room and the chairs so that it would be conducive for the talk. Also do not forget to introduce your speaker to the audience


Get feedback from the audience with regard to the talk. Make these feedbacks known to the speaker as this will be of great help to him in the future.


As you can see from our pointers and recommendations at motivational-speaker-success.com, selecting a motivational speaker does not end in the booking process. Check out our site, so you can get in touch with a good speaker who knows how to improve the performance of your company and employees.